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Brazen Developer Resources

Welcome to the hub for Brazen developer tools! Here you'll find comprehensive guides and API reference documentation to help you start integrating with Brazen as quickly as possible. These guides contain step-by-step instructions on how to set up Brazen integrations, including: custom registration experiences through SSO and our API, syncing data with outgoing webhooks, importing job postings with job feeds, installing Brazen plugins, and connecting with other enterprise applications. If you get stuck, help is always an email away at [email protected]. Let's build something cool!

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Career Site Plugin


The Career Site Plugin (CSP) can be placed on any number of pages on your career site in order to display your upcoming Brazen events and Brazen-hosted FAQs.

It will display automatically within a few seconds of page load, as long as it has at least one of the following in Brazen:

  • One or more featured events
  • One or more upcoming events (next 30 days)
  • One or more FAQs


Simply add the following Javascript tag to pages you wish to display the CSP.
The value for data-salesforce-id can found in Control Center under Settings > Career Site Plugin.

<script src="" 
    data-salesforce-id="{your Brazen account ID}"

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Career Site Plugin

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