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Brazen Developer Resources

Welcome to the hub for Brazen developer tools! Here you'll find comprehensive guides and API reference documentation to help you start integrating with Brazen as quickly as possible. These guides contain step-by-step instructions on how to set up Brazen integrations, including: custom registration experiences through SSO and our API, syncing data with outgoing webhooks, importing job postings with job feeds, installing Brazen plugins, and connecting with other enterprise applications. If you get stuck, help is always an email away at [email protected]. Let's build something cool!

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Definitions for some of the key terms used in the API documentation.

authenticationThe act of confirming the identity claimed by an entity.
entityA distinct actor in a system such a human, a service, an application.
identityA set of attributes related to an entity. This definition comes directly from ISO 29115.
identity provider (IdP)First introduced in SAML specifications, an identity provider is the service that is responsible for authenticating users in a single sign-on operation. It is also responsible for providing user identifiers and other user information to the external service that the user wishes to use. An OpenID Provider (OP) is an identity provider.
OpenID Provider (OP)An identity provider that provides identities using the OpenID Connect standard. Specifically, an OAuth 2.0 Authorization Server that is capable of authenticating an end-user and providing claims to a relying party about the authentication event and the end-user.
Relying Party (RP)An OAuth 2.0 client application that requires end-user authentication and claims from an OpenID Provider. If you are using OpenID Connect to enable your users to single sign-on to Brazen, Brazen is the relying party.
service provider (SP)This term refers an application or system that provides a service to a user. In most cases, the service provider relies on the IdP to assert the user's identity before creating an identity for the user in the service. An OpenID term Relying Party (RP) is synonymous with the service provider.

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