Job Req Plugin


The Job Req Plugin (JRP) is designed to be placed on the template for you job postings, allowing candidates to chat with your recruiters, see upcoming Brazen events for your jobs, and view your Brazen-hosted FAQs.

It will display automatically within a few seconds of page load, as long as it has at least one of the following in Brazen:

  • One or more recruiters assigned to the job
  • One or more featured events containing the job
  • One or more upcoming events (next 30 days) containing the job
  • One or more general FAQs
  • One or more location/category-specific FAQs applicable to the job

Combining the JRP with a Job Feed allows you to quickly deploy all these Brazen features to some or all of your jobs.


The JRP can operate in two modes:

URL Matching

The JRP can determine which job is being viewed by matching the host page's url to the job's Opportunity URL in Brazen.

To use the JRP in this mode, simply add the following Javascript tag to pages you wish to display this plugin. The value for data-salesforce-id can found in Control Center under Settings > Job Req Plugin.

<script src="" 
	data-salesforce-id="{your Brazen account ID}"

Job Code Matching

If no Opportunity URL is present for your jobs in Brazen—or if your job postings can each be reached through multiple urls—we recommend Job Code Matching for determining which options to show in the JRP. This requires a very small amount of development by the host of your job postings. Each job's code (aka job ID, req ID, or reference number) can be added to the JRP javascript to definitively identify which job to match.

<script src="" 
	data-salesforce-id="{your Brazen account ID}"
	data-job-code="{dynamically add the job's code here}">