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Brazen Developer Resources

Welcome to the hub for Brazen developer tools! Here you'll find comprehensive guides and API reference documentation to help you start integrating with Brazen as quickly as possible. These guides contain step-by-step instructions on how to set up Brazen integrations, including: custom registration experiences through SSO and our API, syncing data with outgoing webhooks, importing job postings with job feeds, installing Brazen plugins, and connecting with other enterprise applications. If you get stuck, help is always an email away at [email protected]. Let's build something cool!

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How to request and use an API token

Obtaining credentials

Before getting started, you'll need to request API credentials from your Brazen account manager. This client_id/client_secret combo is needed to obtain the OAuth tokens required for all subsequent Brazen API calls.

Obtaining a token

To obtain a token, place a POST request to with the following x-www-form-urlencoded data:

client_id{your client_id}
client_secret{your client_secret}

Example token request

$ curl -X POST \
    --data "grant_type=client_credentials" \
    --data "client_id=dinoco-prod" \
    --data "client_secret=123xyz"

Example token response

  "token_type": "bearer",
  "access_token": "18d96d2984a346f3831617e653280f1c",
  "expires_in": 3600

Making an authenticated API call

Simply attach the bearer token to any API call as an Authorization header and you're ready to make authenticated API calls!

Example API request with bearer token

$ curl \
    -H "Authorization: Bearer 18d96d2984a346f3831617e653280f1c"

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How to request and use an API token

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