Creating and Importing Job Feeds

What are job feeds and how does Brazen use them?

A job feed contains information related to each of your active job postings, like title, description, location, and recruiter email. Importing your jobs into our system gives you access to additional features like Quickchat and programmatic job advertising.

In order to import your jobs, we just need the url to where your XML job feed is publicly hosted. Simply verify that it validates against the Brazen job feed schema (see below), then send us the link and we’ll import your jobs. Since your job feed reflects live updates from your ATS, any changes that are made to jobs in your ATS will also be reflected in our system.

What format is accepted?

We require job feeds to follow the Brazen job feed schema. Test your file against the XSD linked below to see if your feed matches or use the schema to auto-generate the code for modeling a compliant job feed.