What is a webhook?

A webhook is an HTTP callback that is invoked when an event happens in another application or system. In webhook terminology, an event is an occurrence of something, such as a new registration being submitted for your Brazen scheduled event. Webhooks enable you to be notified when certain events occur on the Brazen platform, preventing your system from having to constantly poll the Brazen REST API to find out what events occurred.

Brazen enables you to register a URL, also called a webhook endpoint, in your Brazen account. This URL will be invoked anytime an event happens in your Brazen account. Brazen will issue an HTTP POST request to your account webhook endpoint that contains JSON data about the event. Brazen uses JSON instead of HTML form encoding because complex data structures can be represented in JSON and JSON can be parsed in nearly every language.

NOTE: If you have more than one Brazen account, you will need to provide a unique URL for each account if you wish to be notified of events on all of your accounts.